American Marketing Association (AMA) Agency

Account Manager |  Austin, TX  |  Spring 2018

During Spring 2018, I got to be an account manager and lead a team of three students throughout a social media project for our client, UpSpring.

Our team analyzed UpSpring's brand voice and image on Instagram. We leveraged our different talents in design and marketing to develop and create a package of social media content for UpSpring's product launch of their Shrinkx Bamboo Charcoal Belly Wrap at Target and Walmart.

We analyzed their Instagram activity and used our insights to develop digital social media strategies and visual content. I enjoyed interfacing and working with team members to not only maintain UpSpring's awesome brand voice, but to speak with it in new and innovative ways within the social media space. 

Click below to see some of the great social media strategies and content our team came up with for UpSpring. 

Strategy Team Member  |  Austin, TX  |  Fall 2017 

During Fall 2017,  I was a member of a team of students that was tasked with helping refine marketing and business strategies for our client, Energy Project Advisors.

Our team developed a survey to gather market research about the energy efficiency industry and leveraged our findings through data analysis. We used insights from our data to write blog articles, design graphics, and produce short educational videos about energy efficiency. These creative assets served as content for the “awareness” stage of the buyer's journey. 

Apart from collaborating with a team of four students, I was individually tasked with creating two educational videos. This project consisted of interpreting data insights and manipulating visual and written copy developed by other team members. For the videos, I wrote scripts, recorded voiceovers, and used Final Cut Pro to edit.