Intern  |  Austin, TX  | Fall 2017

Austin Tech Alliance (ATA) is a nonpartisan, member-based nonprofit with a mission to promote civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector. ATA focuses on educating the tech grassroots on issues that impact them; advocating for tech-forward solutions to community challenges; and activating the tech community to speak up, participate, and vote. 

While interning for the executive director at ATA, I helped create and develop internal copy for email announcements, company descriptions, and tech-related articles. 

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ATA Company Description

I wrote the company description for Austin Technology Council's post of ATA's profile on their site. 

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Autonomous Vehicle Bill Update

I read and analyzed current legal text bill summaries and news articles regarding anonymous vehicles in Texas. Based on my research, I helped draft article content about the legal progress of the autonomous vehicle bill and future implications of its implementation. 

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Mayors Challenge Promotional Copy

I helped write promotional copy for the Mayors Challenge, an initiative to power U.S. cities to generate innovation and advance policy through shareable ideas and inventive problem-solving. ATA's executive director informed me that my assistance with developing promotional copy spurred social media awareness of the event and allowed him to further spread the word about the challenge and ATA's initiatives via a radio talk show. 


One of the most extensive pieces I helped develop was about digital inclusion initiatives in Austin. To further my knowledge about issues surrounding digital inclusion in local communities, I interviewed professionals in the tech sector. 

Here are links to part one and part two of the digital inclusion piece I helped create. 

In addition to learning about how civic challenges and tech intersect in Austin through research and writing, I accompanied the executive director to a startup trade show held at UT Austin, as well as Tech Town Hall events. 

At the startup trade show, I engaged with students and professionals by orally advocating ATA's mission of addressing civic issues through tech-forward solutions and answering questions about the organization.

At Tech Town Hall events, the executive director facilitated a discussion with council members of Austin districts about challenges facing the tech community in front of tech professionals. I took photographs of these gatherings for ATA's social media platforms. 

ATA executive director, David Edmonson, with Ora Houston, council member of District 1 in Austin, Texas. 

ATA executive director, David Edmonson, with Ora Houston, council member of District 1 in Austin, Texas.