Big Kahuna

Ready to dive headfirst into authentic Hawaiian food? 

In September 2016, I visited the Big Kahuna food truck around its opening time, 12 PM. I ordered two Ahi Tuna plates and one bottle of water. The fish is sold around its market price, so each plate was around $13.95. When I asked for water, I was unaware that I was inherently ordering a bottle of water that would cost me an extra $2. However, I can confidently say that the quality and the cost-effectiveness of the Ahi Tuna plate compensated for the extra moolah I was charged for being thirsty.

The Ahi Tuna poke plate includes:

  • Generous serving of cold, fresh tuna drizzled with soy sauce and sesame seeds
  • Side of warm, soft white rice
  • Choice of a side of coleslaw or Sunomono cucumber salad (Not a big fan of coleslaw, so I opted for the salad)
  • In-house lava sauce

There is plenty of outdoor seating, so my boyfriend and I definitely took advantage of the sunny weather. Albeit, I imagine the experience might be slightly less pleasant if one were to try eating fresh poke outside during the pounding heat of the summer. The owner was incredibly helpful when I asked her for recommendations on menu items, and she even came out to personally give us our plates.

The poke was abundant with bright flavors, and the portions were gorgeously big. The lava sauce had an intense kick to it, but thankfully the coolness of the Sunomono cucumber salad balanced out the intensity of the spice. My boyfriend and I were both extremely satisfied with our meals and came to a consensus that although $30+ for a lunch at a food truck is expensive at first glance, the sheer magnitude and delicious flavor of the Ahi Tuna poke, not mention the sides that we received, were all worth the cost.

After my experience here, I truly recommend dropping the slightest idea of obtaining poke through a Chipotle-style, build-a-bowl bar. Big Kahuna's strong fixation on quality, authenticity, and flavor is reflected in its Hawaiian poke, making it a wonderful spot to frequent if you are wanting to get a true taste of Hawaii at an affordable price. I cannot wait until I get the chance to visit again. Aloha!