Account Intern   |   Shanghai, China   |   Summer 2017

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Paper Stone Scissors (PSS) has been helping the world's most iconic brands in Australia and Asia define their voice and cut through the noise for the past 20 years. Through unique storytelling across all channels, PSS provides creative solutions to communicating brands effectively to multicultural consumers. 

"We specialise in weaving strategy with creative to build brands with imagination, spark and personality."

During my internship, one of the projects PSS tackled was helping an up and coming multilayered, luxury brand retailer refine its brand identity.

I collaborated with agency members to brainstorm brand names and brand concept descriptions.

Additionally, I helped perform competitor research and analysis of similar high-end brands and compiled them into Keynote slide decks, which were sent over to PSS' Australia branch as a competitor research supplement. 

Aside from attending a business meeting with PSS coworkers and the Chairman of Yizhou Group in PuDong, going to the conference, "Mother & Baby Market: A New Segment Between Innovation And Emotion," with my supervisor was also a memorable day. We heard from both Chinese and French companies, who presented ideas about how to market mother and baby care products. 

Most days at PSS, I was writing internal copy. One of my more extensive writing assignments was creating an article which aligned with the theme, "Women in the Office." I wrote about Romy Frydman and PSS' creative contributions to StyleMeRomy. 

Thanks to my time at Paper Stone Scissors, I've learned how to live creatively and cut through the noise. Shanghai is a better place with Kung Fu poses like theirs!