Research Assistant  |  Austin, TX |  May 2016 - Oct 2016 

Dr. Su Yeong Kim’s Project SEED at the University of Texas at Austin promotes understanding of the Social, Emotional, and Educational Development of children of U.S. immigrants, focusing on those of Mexican American descent. 


As an undergraduate research assistant for Project SEED, I took initiative to help develop and grow the research assistant training process. By improving the project's training system, I aimed to enhance the quality and cohesion of work performances of future research assistants.

I improved the training process by creating and streamlining protocol documents for recruitment and general task operations. These documents were immediately used by Project SEED and have been used by Dr. Kim and other research assistants to continue to follow, improve and modify upon. 

With these documents, I trained incoming research assistants both in person and via phone. On a daily basis, I gave Dr. Kim project updates; on a weekly basis, I interacted with 5-10 research assistants, coordinating logistics for different research activities and training sessions. 

Below are snapshots of written protocol I developed for Project SEED's training processes, specifically regarding a role that involved administrative and recruitment tasks.